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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


The day after voting day and I have no idea what the hell happened. Turns out that on the way out of the polls voters said that the main issues they voted on were morals and values. WHAT!?!? yes that is important to have, but I don't recall that being in question for either candidate.

Why were morals/values big?
Of course this is only my humble's my damn website anyway. I think morals were so important because of multiple states having a proposed amendment to ban gay marriage on the ballot, and the multitude of new evangelical voters who would vote on those amendments. Ok, it's one thing to think being gay is right or wrong or whatever, but those beliefs stem from your own religious views (especially those who think being gay is wrong). I believe it is absolutely WRONG to legislate those religious views, no matter what YOU THINK the Bible tells you is right or wrong. These amendments to ban gay marriage were on like at least 10 ballots accross the country and I think almost all of those states, except for Oregon, went for Bush because Bush consistently told voters that he was a 'principled leader' and a 'christian conservative' while Kerry (correctly in my opinion) campaigned on the REAL issues.

I think that if voters would have concentrated on the REAL issues like terrorism, Iraq, jobs, the economy we would have had a much bigger turnout. I'm also extremely troubled by the lack of new voters ages 18-24 that actually voted. Listen kids, you knew how serious this election was and you blew it. Now be prepared for higher tuition, higher gas prices, no healthcare, and no job when you graduate with a degree. I know several people that graduated in 2004 and STILL haven't found a job yet months later.

Overall I think America just got deceived in a huge way. Did we forget about terrorism? LAST TIME I CHECKED A MARRIED GAY COUPLE DOSEN'T BOMB BUILDINGS OR KILL AMERICANS!!!!!!!!


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