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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Random Comments

If you are an America in the living room, what are you in the bathroom?......

This is in defense of my kittens. I was asked the other day if either of my cats are dumb, in reference to another kitten who lives in my old apartment in MI, who shall remain nameless. That answer is NO! Both of them are extremely smart, although when they get a little hyper and start chasing each other around the apartment all bets are off. The surprising thing is that they don't even try to steal things, they just amuse themselves by fiercly attacking each other until one of them runs away.

There really is nothing else going on sadly enough. Just a ton of school, which is kicking my ass(hole). I don't even know what's going on in the news anymore, I don't have time to watch. OOOOOO that's right. You know how they determine TV ratings? It's done by a company called AC Neilson and they put equipment into your TV and it calls in every night and tells them what you are watching so that advertisers know how much to pay for commercials and networks know what to show. A couple of weeks ago we got chosen to be apart of it so now the TV that Melissa and I watch represents between 12000-19000 people and we contribute to the ratings. Isn't that cool!!!! And they pay us for it too, well not much, but still. I get paid to watch TV. SWEET.

Oh yeah, one last thing...

..... European (you're oh pee an) HA!

To resist is to piss in the wind.......anyone who does will end up smelling.


  • CNN Newswire -
    On a completely unrelated note today, according to Neilson Ratings, the most watched television shows on are now "The Vercors Project: The integration of data on diagenesis and stratal geometry at the margin of the vercors carbonate platform shows that the most prominent break in depositional style does not coincide with the platform top horizon exhibiting the most extensive meteoric alteration. this observation again illustrates the ambiguity of geometrical critera to define sequence boundaries related to subaerial exposure." and "Kittens: Nature's Cute Fluffy Gift." The ratings suggested that these two shows are highly popular in the Florida area and have even eclipsed television ratings seen during Super Bowl. PBS and Animal Planet have responded by increasing their fees for commercials to a never before seen price of $10 million per 30 second spot.
    In other entertainment news, the book "Kid's Jokes for Dummies" has also jumped in sales volume and is a New York Times Bestseller for the third week in a row.


    -Jim and Justin, Inc.
    "Taking Pride in Being 'That Guy' Since 1997"

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