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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm speechless

I don't know who or what to be pissed at.

I just got an automated call from blockbuster in Chicago, saying that I have some overdue materials and that I should return them to my local blockbuster store. Um....what now?
1. I haven't rented anything from blockbuster in years.
2. I live in FLORIDA!!!
3. I think I even lost my blockbuster card, or threw it away years ago.
4. I live in FLORIDA!!!
5. I thought blockbuster got rid of late fees anyway, what are they worried about? It's not like they can charge me anyway.

Oh yeah, I forgot to nodify the appropriate blockbuster video rental authorities. whoops.

What's up with that 'no late fee' crap anyway? All they did was give you like 3 or 4 more days to return the movie and then if you keep it past the due date they charge you for the dvd outright. Those bastards.

Response to those of you who critisized my TV watching habits, love of rocks, and my kittens all at the same time, kudos to you Justin and Jim. That was some intensively thoughtout bullshit and I aplaud you.


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