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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Show your support

I've been seeing a lot of really cool bumper stickers lately. Particularly those magnetic ribbons that people put on the back of their cars. I've seen a ribbon supporting just about everything from the troops, to schools, to sports teams. A while back Melissa and I were delighted to see a ribbon that beat them all. The ribbon read "Support magnetic ribbons". Until recently, when I was forced to abandon AIM after I contracted my 2nd computer virus from it, my AIM profile had the same slogan because I thought supporting magnetic ribbons was an American pastime that was starting to be overlooked.

Today I had a little time on my hands (what do you mean I have a thesis to write?) so I went on the web and found this site: Here you can order a ribbon with anything you want on it, and they've got some great ideas ready to go if you can't think of one. Check them out, and show your support.

This morning in the parking lot I also saw a bumper sticker that said this "Vandelay Industries: latex and latex related products". If you don't know the origin of this you need to watch more Seinfeld reruns. Anyway I got to thinking about latex related products and the obvious product came to mine (i.e. condoms). But then before my thoughts strayed towards the obvious, yet juvenille, small penis jokes I stoped and thought hey, I should write about this in my blog. My very next thought was, wow, I wonder if there's ever been a place anywhere in history where a the words condom and penis appeared next to the United States Constitution.

That's groundbreaking people. You're welcome.


  • And the old Matt I know and love is back! This time with latex...and magnets.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:49 PM  

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