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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Quote of the day

I know I don't usually have a quote of the day, or any quotes for that matter, but this is important. This is the single best piece of advice for anyone put in this particular situation, and it happens a lot. Here is the scence from South Park, told by the people involved:
{Magician David Blaine has just told his followers (Blainetologists) to start drowning themselves in the reflecting pool of the Washington Monument when Jesus and his gang of Super Best Friends show up to foil his plan. To thwart the Super Best Friends David Blaine brings the statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial to life to terrorise the city of Washington DC. Jesus, not knowing what to do calls Moses at the Super Best Friends headquaters}:
Jesus: "Moses, how do you destroy a giant stone Abraham Lincoln?"
Moses:"Uh, ........ a giant stone John Wilks Booth?"
Jesus:"That's brilliant!!!! Thanks Moses. Let's go Super Best Friends!!"

So if you ever find yourself facing a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln, exterminate it with a giant statue of John Wilks Booth. Thank you South Park. Thank you.


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