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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Admitting your wrong is the first step

You might have been asking yourself, hey why hasn't Matt been posting his angry tirades lately? Well turns out I haven't had many, but I'll try to share a few with you this evening. First, the exciting stuff.
  • Yesterday marked 2 weeks until the start of the fall semester, and I can hardly contain myself. I don't think I've ever been this excited to go to school. Why, might you ask? I get to teach my normal two sections of physical geology lab in a brand new classroom in a newly refurbished building. I'm taking two cool classes: Ecohydrology and Geology of S. Florida and the Florida Keys. For one of those classes there is a mandatory trip to the Keys, I'll let you guess which one. I'm also preparing to write an abstract to submit for the fall AGU meeting (American Geophysical Union) which I will attend in San Francisco. Add on to that the opportunity I've gotten to re-vitalize the Geology Graduate Student Org and it's going to be one busy, but fun semester.

Now for the tirade, I have to make it quick because I'm running out of time to waste

  1. This past Sunday morning while I was waiting for Meet the Press to come on TV, I happened to pass by this church show (seriously, there was a church program on Sunday morning, I couldn't believe it either) that was talking about creationism vs. evolution. Ever intrigued by the debate, or more importantly why there is any debate, I paused my channel surfing and watched. The program talked about unveiling the "myths" and "false idols" of Evolution by using the same science that said creationism isn't true. The unveiling consisted of two people: A) a PhD in biology who did not poke holes in evolution itself, but talked about how natural selection of a specific moth in England is not due to evolution, B) An author who claimed to be an atheist before writing a book about how Evolution can't possibly scientifically exist, without citeing one specific study or disputing one fact. The show proceeded to flash some fancy graphics including the charts depicting various embryos at early stages of development (including humans, birds, and reptiles, meant to display how similar everything is in early life) and how humans evolved from the great apes and then claimed they were false and could not scientifically exist and then called it a show. I CALL BULLSHIT!!!! Here's how it is in the real world: EVOLUTION IS A FACT, creationism IS JUST NOT TRUE. I'm sorry to say it, being a Christian myself, but that's the way it is. The last thing I want is some religious douche bag trying to preach creationism or "intelligent design" or whatever the hell you want to call it in schools, and I'll be damned if I let my kid be taught that crap.

Well there I go again, ranting so much I ranted myself out of time. Until next time friends and remember: admitting creationism is wrong is the first step on the road to reality.


  • You're going to AGU? I will hopefully have something to submit by the Sept. 8th deadline... If not, I may still go. Nate will be there too. So yeah, we should meet up in San Fran in December.

    Oh, and to quote David Letterman, "The worst tempered people I have ever met were those who knew that they were wrong."

    ~ Julz

    By Anonymous Julz, at 11:11 PM  

  • Ok, time to play devils advocate (note: for the record, I think creationism is a load of buffalo poop)
    First, let's seperate the word into it's original latin terms:
    One one side we have Creatio - who is the original Greek god of tofu. This diety (spelling?) is what we know as the "giver of creation" because of his magical powers that started life.
    The second half of this idea is "nism." This is a reference to Nismo, an aftermarket auto parts manufacturer (think fast&furious).
    You add these two together and you get "Creationism" which means "God of Tofu Car Parts."
    Now, for further evidence, my fellow jurors, I wish to talk about a good friend of mine: Chewbacca.
    See, Chewbacca is a wookie. Yet he is from the planet Endor. Wookies cannot be from Endor. It makes absolutely no sense. And neither does creationism. If chewbacca is a wookie from Endor, then evolution must exist.
    Now look at this monkey....

    *for those wondering what the hell that last one was all about, i offer one explanation: I had a lot of sugar this morning.

    Back to you, Matt

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:15 AM  

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