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Friday, August 05, 2005

I love a good mustache

Justin I think you and I should go to the cable news networks and propose a Crossfire type show in which we submit witty banter back and forth about politics and mustaches. That was absolutely hilarious. I think we might have a shot too because they let almost any yokle do commentary on subjects they are not experts on. What ever happened to your blog anyway?

I still have only gotten blog addresses from one or two people who read this website and to my surprise there may be more people that read it, so leave comments and tell me where I can read about you guys cause this is probably the easiest way for everyone to keep in touch. Not everyone has to talk about politics either, I do simply because it satisfies my urges to voice my opinion about issues I really have no control over. Kind of like yelling at the TV...... wait a minute, I do that too.

As far as regular life goes things have definetly slowed down as I mentioned in the post from a few days ago. We are just going to wait out the guy who is trying to sell the townhouse we want for way more than its worth and hoping he has no other buyers, which he pretty much told me he didn't. The last week of August I start my 3 day substitute teacher training. I never knew substitutes had to go through any training, all the ones in schools I've been a student at just looked like they were parents or security guards with almost no education. I guess I'll have to be something more than just an "adult figure" in the classroom, which is scary to say the least. The scariest thing is that this whole substitute teacher thing I'm doing fufills an old proffecy that was given to me by the Elk Grove Jr. High School newspaper in the last issue before 8th grade graduation. In the paper, the "shadow" (it was a feature to run gossip around the school, "the shadow knows ....") outlined what it thought all of the graduating 8th graders would be when they grew up. Guess what mine was? A substitute chemistry teacher. So alas my fate had been set from that point on. At least I can tell the kids I teach that I am fufilling my destiny. The question is whether or not to use the Darth Vader voice when I say it?

I'm such a geek. Till next time.


  • I think you should grow a mustache and use the Vader voice. That way, the students will know you mean business. It'll sort of have the effect your beard did at field camp. =P

    By Anonymous Julz, at 1:32 PM  

  • Woah woah can grow facial hair?! when the hell did that happen?!
    Ok, i'll tackle this bad boy in order (and if it's not, go cry about it to Condie Rice). We'll give you an Eleventy Billion Dollar aid package to make you feel less hurt.
    Anyway, i sidetracked...
    My blog: For those who dont' know, my blog is and has been that way since last summer. Odd how the blogger world never changes addresses. It has been on temporary leave because of lack of comments and lack of high-speed internet connection to load pictures on there. Let's just say it's on sabatical. However; I definetly say that if you haven't viewed it at all, or even as of this year, i have some new stuff on there.
    Moving on...
    Matt, i agree on this show idea...anyone up for a little public access when you come back up to chicago? Of course, to add to the humor, I suggest we dress in random costumes during our episodes. I mean, nothing helps put a funny twist to a political show like Matt and I talking about the new president while dressed like bunny rabbits.
    Also, and this is stealing someone else's idea, but the use of a "special word of the day" should be brought back. And then when someone says it...all hell breaks loose a la Pee-Wee's Playhouse style.
    Hey, if you still have that newspaper, what did it say i was going to be? If memory serves me right, it said "psychopath" Boy were they off...or were they...

    Anyway, on a parting note...i'm going to stir the pot...send some shots across the bow, ruffle the feathers, take the gloves off, us- ok ok... here we go:
    Kerry sucks!
    Florida is a bunch of yokels that can't vote!
    The Daily Show is biased!
    and for the final "c'mon guys, we're not in middle school anymore":::

    "Those are the pinkest spikes I've ever seen!"

    aaaand, i'm spent.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:17 PM  

  • "Proffecy" ?

    Even substitute teachers spell better. Do blogs have spell check ability?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:16 PM  

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