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Monday, August 08, 2005

one other thing

There is a recent story in the news concerning reporter Robert Novak, who is a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times and frequent guest on CNN, and his use of fowl languages while debating democratic strategist James Carville on CNN's Inside Politics. There are several reasons I brought this up.

The first reason is to comment on the fowl language itself. Novak is an extremely conservative Republican, and has for years beat the Republican drum about how this society is immoral and indecent and that we need to clean it up. For him to declare on CNN that he hates what someone else is saying and says it's bullshit on the air is laughable.

The second reason, and I think the most important, is to ask a simple question. Since Novak was the first to disclose the secret identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame, why haven't any charges been brought against him in public? This question is especially meaningful to the other reporter, who's name I can't remenber, who didn't write a word about the operative and is sitting in jail right now because she wouldn't say who her source was. Why is she in jail and not Novak, who broke the story? The curious thing I just learned when doing some research on this that this is not the first time Novak has been leaked information from the White House. The other case was in 1992 involving the re-election of Bush Sr. Guess who leaked the information to Novak? Well none other than Karl Rove. Ring any bells? The only difference in this case was that Rove was fired for the leak from Bush Sr.'s re-election campaign in Texas. The link for what I'm basing this on is below.

The third and final reason I brought up this incident is because of what Novak and Carville were arguing about before Novak cursed. They were talking about the 2006 senate race in Florida and the prospective candidates for the Republican nomination to oppose Democrat Bill Nelson. They started talking about Katherine Harris, currently a Congresswoman from Sarasota, and her desire to run for the GOP nomination (which she supposedly will announce this week). The conversation soon turned into discussion of Harris' apperence on Fox News or MSNBC, I can't remember which, where she discussed how pictures of her from her days as Florida's Sec of State in the 2000 Presidential recount were doctored by the media to make her make-up look like she was a clown. First, if you have seen a picture of Katherine Harris lately she does look like a clown, who needs to tone down the make-up a notch or ten. Second, if you want to be a senator you had better be ready to take much more harsh criticism than exagerated make-up. On the program, when Sean Hannity asked her about it, Harris said that she took those kind of attacks very personally. Get over it!!

I think the best part is that Harris has virtually no chance to get elected to replace a widely liked moderate like Bill Nelson. Republicans from all over the country have asked anyone under the sun to go up against Harris in the primary, but there were no takers.

That's all I have to say about that. Here's the link to info on Robert Novak:


  • I probably should defend some kind of thing and possibly attempt to show a sense of loyalty to the republican party here, but they can go sit on a tack...
    -Stop drooling Matt, I'm not straying back into the mess that is the Democratic Party (as a whole)-
    Novak should be taken out back and beaten a la Singapore Style. I mean, when was the last time you saw someone caned...not in a while, my friend, not in a while (note to readers: what you do in the bedroom does not count...i'm talking public caning).
    Anyway, my point is that you never EVER reveal any kind of intelligence information, let alone identities of agents. That is a thing where lives are at stake and doing something stupid like that will get real people killed.
    Ok, back to a lighthearted note and opening it up with a joke:
    The florida elections!
    ok, they aren't as much a joke anymore, more just the short kid that got picked growing up.
    So anyway, we have a winner on someone who scares me more than a mustached Conaleeza Rice (running joke anyone?). Call it the fact she looks fake with her make-up covering the real her being the metaphor. Call it the fact that she's not even trusted by her own party (as per matt's blog post). Call it the fact that I have a phobia of clowns. But either way, she creeps the hell out of me. I'm going to place her more on the "clown theory" because Condie has more power than Harris. Although I do have something for y'all to ponder: What if she's a robot. You know, like that chick from Terminator 3. But of course, technology is not where it's at in the movie and she's just a hard working robot trying to make it in a world full of people. That and she has nothing near the hotness of Christina Loken.
    Ok, i forgot where i was going with that. Anyway, to summarize:
    Christina Loken is hot.
    Harris looks like a clown and that makes me uncomforitable.
    Novak needs to be taken out back and beaten by a big muscle-bound guy wearing Matt's "Can of Whoop-Ass" shirt from high school.
    I'm (thankfully) still a republican.
    And Florida voting, although improving, is still the shortbus rider of America.

    Oh, and for those offended because this post was a little less PC than most of mine, learn to laugh. As said in Dogma (paraphrased because i'm too lazy to look up the quote) "Even god has a sense of humor. Look at the platypus for an example."
    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go cuss on CNN's Blog and make all the PC wankers cry.

    Speaking of CNN...Matt, fuel for your next political bashing...i expect greatness:

    The title "GOP, Dems argue over beer money" pretty much sells itself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:52 PM  

  • Matt, I too am disturbed at Robert Novak's outing of a spy, and I can't figure out how he's seemed to get away with it. How vicious to endanger a CIA employee's life and comprise her work and possibly other lives in the process.

    I'm going to split your opinion on Katharine Harris. Speaking as someone who's gotten too much grief about his appearance (much in the guise of "helpful" advice or comments), I feel for her on that issue. I remember Bill Maher making fun of her look during the 2000 election aftermath, and I thought, "What the hell does that have to do with the election?" Looks had nothing to do with the real issue, and if he had to choose between a homely Democrat and an attractive Republican, he'd still go with the Democrat.

    I do, however, agree that Ms. Harris will have a tough time running for the Senate if she can't take the makeup criticism.

    - Uncle Doug

    By Blogger Doug, at 5:03 PM  

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