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Monday, August 08, 2005

day at the beach

This was the first weekend in a long while where we were able to relax. OK, maybe it hasn't been that long of a while since we had a relaxing weekend, it's my blog and I'll tell it like I want to. Saturday Melissa and I got motivated to go to the beach. Oh but wait, this wasn't just any beach, it was Venice beach. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Venice beach, I wasn't excited about going there because it's famous for nude ladies or anything of that nature, I was excited to go there because of what washes ashore. Turns out that there is a particular rock formation offshore that is full of fossilized shark teeth of about 20 different species. As this rock formation gets eroded the teeth come loose and wash ashore for people to collect. I think we got about 10-15 on Saturday in about 3-4 hours looking. Unfortunetly during the time we spent digging in the sand and watching the waves come up on shore both of us got sunburn, although Melissa's was worse than mine. Overall it was a fun time and now we have some cool, and free, soveiners for people who come down and visit. Oh yeah, before I forget, on the way home from the beach we saw this really fierce line of thunderstorms moving across the sky and I managed to get a couple of picture of the clouds. Here is the link to those pics and some others that we took:

Yesterday (Sunday) was nice. I helped Melissa with her presentation at a freshman orientation by being the powerpoint slide forwarder while she spoke around noon. After that we had lunch, we grocery shopping and came home to an afternoon and evening of reading the newpaper, my book, and watching Family Guy and American Dad. I love those shows, they never seem to get old. I especially like the way that Family Guy ended and how they mimicked that ceremony at the end of Star Wars episode IV perfectly, mocking it just so.

Today is rather uneventfull at best. I still can't get this program I wrote to run without an error message stopping it, and the worst part is I have no idea what the error message means. Add this to the fact that the program takes a day to run and you can see how troubleshooting is not the easiest thing. Stupid Matlab, how I loath you.


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