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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A little review

So here we are again, waiting for another run of a computer program I wrote that acts as my personal secretary, taking data from one monster file and breaking it up into seperate files according to my evil plan. {muh ah ha hahahaha (<-- diabolical laughter)}. I thought I'd take the time and share a little bit about my weekend. First thing's first though, I think you should all go and take a look at the pics we took at Carly Ostman and John Gaba's wedding this past saturday at : It was a great time and we wish them the best.

The one thing that I am still in awe of from the wedding is how beautiful the church was. It was my first time in a Greek Orthadox church and I must say that it is the most ornate and breathtaking church I have ever been in. Granted I've never been in any European cathedrals, but if you look at the pictures then you'll get my point. The ceremony was filled with what seemed to be very traditional prayers and rituals along with chanting by the preists and another man. I wasn't expecting the chanting, but it sounded quite good and I was very impressed. I couldn't help but notice that the chanting from the lone choir member (if that's even a good analogy) resembled, at least a little, that of the call to prayer chanted from mosques in Muslim areas. The actual prayers and some of the creeds said during the ceremony also reminded me quite a bit of the prayers that were said in the Lutheran churhes I attended when I was younger.

All of these things lead me to wonder about how different the three religions really are, or if they are that different at all. It didn't seem like it to me at that moment. I know there are some major differences between all of them, but it seems as though they all have the same base in the Old Testament of the Bible, which you could also say of the Jewish faith. That's all regarding religion for right now, the last thing I want to do is oversimplify everything and offend someone's personal faith.

The last thing I will touch on is something that pissed me off last night. I know what you're thinking, it's about damn time I'm pissed off about something, you don't read this because you find my eating habits interesting, you want controversy!! Damn straight. So here it is: I was watching the Daily Show last night and to my amazement John Stewart had on Senator Rick Santorum (R, PA) on as a guest. Now Santorum in a part of the Republican leadership in Congress, and John Stewart is obviously a staunch liberal so this surprised me that they were on the show together. Turns out Santorum is promoting a book he wrote, which is fine, but that the book focuses on how America and the federal government should focus on America's best interest which is a married couple (one man, one woman) and their children. After repeated questioning by Stewart regarding how this "best for America" arguement is leaving out most Americans who come from single parent families, those who are not married and all homosexuals. Santorum also suggested that although there are vituous people in the categories being left out, that America should strive for (and the federal government should legislate for) only the married family unit and to preserve it at all costs.

Now I know that Republicans hate gay people, that is a given, but I didn't know that Republicans are now moving on to dissenfranchise everyone who does not fit their model of a married man and woman and children. This means that not only is being homosexual imoral, but being from a broken home or raised by a single parent is also immoral as well. I was so pissed off when I heard this, as was Stewart, that I could barely think enough to yell profane language (which is coincidently immoral) at the TV.

Rick Santorum of PA: YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG AND THE PEOPLE OF PENNSYLVANIA ARE DOING A DISSERVICE TO THE ENTIRE NATION ELECTING YOU TO OFFICE. It's one thing to want a change in the culture of today, which I agree is not what it used to be, it's a completely other thing to try and tell me and half of America that we are immoral simply because of how we grew up or what sexual orientation we are. That is against every fundamental American principle and I pitty you for thinking that way.


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