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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'm back

Well I seem to have left you all hanging about whether or not we got the house we made the offer on. We got it........and then we backed out of the deal. I'm picturing you saying something like "What!!, what are you thinking?" Well, we found a separate townhome a lot closer to school and for a lot less money so it was a no brainer to cancel the offer we had. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the guy who is selling the place through his investment company because he doesn't want to involve a realtor and have them make commission off of the sale. This makes me a little skeptical right off the bat, but I'll wait till tomorrow to judge. I talked to the guy last Thursday and he said he's selling it for a particular price and wasn't going to do a whole lot of updating or anything else.

I did some research tonight and every other place in the complex has sold for about $30,000 less than what he is asking and most of those sales were in the last year or two. I still have to look online and see if some others are listed on the internet. If they guy won't go lower I'll just walk. While we were in Chicago this weekend Melissa's sister Jennifer put an offer in on a condo and I learned quite a bit from how her agent approached the contract and price negociations. Unlike our agent, her's wanted to start the bidding at $15,000 below asking price while ours would have insisted offering asking price knowing that it's our first time buying something and probably wanting to take us for everything we're worth. I guess the joke would be on her when she found out how little that it, but anyway.

The rest of the weekend was great, but because it's after 10pm, and I'm an old man, I have to get to bed. I'll post more about it tomorrow hopefully. Till next time kiddies.


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