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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Current Events

The last post was getting a little long so I decided it was best for both of us if I started a new entry. I just wanted to comment on a few of the stories in the news that have particularly peeved me lately:

Runaway bride:
GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Why are you in the news?!?!?!?! Why is anyone paying you for your story and making a TV movie?!?!?!?! Get over it America!! I think that now she got paid $500,000 for that story she should personally pay for all of the costs associated in searching for her, and give whatever is leftover to some battered woman's shelter because some women could actually use that money to get back on their feet. Lastly the media just needs to stop putting the story on TV. IT'S NOT NEWS!!!!

Terri Schiavo:
This has been one of the most frustrating stories to watch, especially being in the same local TV network as the hospice where she was. Someone remind me why this is a newsworthy issue again? While your at it, remind me why any government body got involved? This is/was a family matter and that is it. PERIOD. Both the state and federal legislatures were way out of bounds in attempting to manipulate this case. The funny thing is that no one actually called out the Republicans for the cheap political manuvering, because that's all it was. To think that the Republicans, who used to pride themselves for believing in state's rights and small government, trumped the local judiciary to learn that the federal judiciary could not intervine because it was unconstitutional to intervine in the first place and then turn around and scream "the judiciary is out of control!" You pompass ass'. Now the parents are upset because the husband had her burried in FL as opposed to PA and because of what is written on her headstone. WHY IS THIS NEWS?!?!?!?!?!? I don't care. She's dead, and while I understand you need to grieve, do it in private!!!!!

Missing teen in Aruba:
This is a sad case, honestly. However it could have been avoided ten times over by responsible parenting and vigilant chaparones. Now the only parenting action that I can judge the mother and step father on is the desicion to let their daughter go to a foreign island nation for a high school graduation present, which was stupid to say the least. You know where I went for my graduation? To my summer job, that's where. I just think that it was a little over the top to allow that trip to take place, as well as it being sponsored by the school, which leads me to my next point. Where were the chaparones? It was reported that one chaparone was present the night she dissapeared but that person left hours before any of the kids. Excuse me? I seem to recall school field trips with rules like 'if a chaparone is not there, you are not there whether you liked it or not'. The last little detail that could have prevented this from happening is the girl herself not trusting these local guys she met and going back to the hotel with her friends (who ironically turned out not to be friends at all by leaving her there alone). Who goes to a foriegn country and hangs out alone in the wee hours of the morning with locals? Well I think the answer unfortunetly is dead people.

That's it for now, hopefully I didn't offend too many (in other words the 1 person that reads this)


  • Well, i guess i'm that one person...unless you count Caino...but i refuse to think of myself as half a man...therefore, caino can duke it out with that guy who googles "matt" for your second reader. And without further hesitation, i present: The hostile takeover of Matt's comment section.

    Ok, runaway bride:
    Anyone else think she just looks psycho? I mean, yeah, what she did wasn't exactly sane, but c'mon...look at her! She just looks like someone you'd walk by and immediately, that little red flag would come up in your head with a sign saying "beware, the bitch crazy!" And yes, my dear friend matt has a good point...she should not be making a dime off of this. I'm actually suprised the media is embracing her so. After all, she did make them and anyone else involved look like a horse's ass. On second thought, no, don't change...i'm gonna fake my own abduction and make millions. Clearly the bar hasn't been set very high. It's like trying to screw up the Florida voting process (ahh-zing!).

    Speaking of this wonderful state that looks like a gun...we move onto this. More proof of how messed up a nation is. Well, first let me get to this...The Republican Party as a whole should not be blamed for the idiocy of some (trust me, I can give a few democrats you guys would like to forget about in return). Either way, this should've remained within the family...and once again, up yours media...

    And for the finale...the Aruba Teen:
    Ok, it sucks, and i'm glad so much is going out to help out, but c'mon...i don't need a 5-minute update on telling me what's going on. As far as other stuff...i don't blame the parents...yeah, they should've not let her go, but it's something that makes your kid happy, it's with a bunch of her friends, and there's a chaperone. No, come to think of it, that's all i have on this subject.

    and to end in a "ruminations"-esque way (note: "ruminations" is written by Aaron Karo and can be found on and is worthwhile if you have freetime)

    So, how about them cubbies? What, they're almost 10 games behind in the Central division? Fuck me.

    My name is Justin, and that's just fine by me. Back to you Matt...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:26 PM  

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