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Friday, February 03, 2006

Burnt out of what?

Man, all of a sudden I can't focus on anything. Here I am writing my thesis, doing what I'm supposed to be doing and then BOOM! Nothing. Stupid brain. It's not like I can go home either, I've got to stick around for the colloquim tonight, that as it so happens, directly involves my thesis topic. It dosen't help that it's been raining all day and the lights have no flickered three or four times now in my lab. Oh well, maybe it's just time to focus on something else for now and come back to the thesis tomorrow.

I actually did get more done today than I have all week. I've written about a page (single spaced, 10pt font), and I'm on track to write several more for the section I'm working on. All in all, my thesis is about 4 pages (10pt font, single spaced) right now. Not that any of that material could be considered a final draft in any way. Oh well, at least it's something. Hopefully everyone else is haveing a better day. Time to get back to some kind of work.


  • I didn't do much today, either. So don't feel that bad. You're not alone. Oh and you've got 3.5 more pages written than I do...

    By Anonymous Julz, at 8:24 PM  

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