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Monday, February 06, 2006

Heaping pile of what? ewww

I feel compelled to blog. I was working at home today and remembered that the Senate judiciary committee was meeting and questioning Attorney General Alberto Gonzales about the President's wire taping NSA program, so I turned on C-SPAN.

Have you ever watched C-SPAN before? I hadn't before today. It was actually very enlightening. Instead of that scrolling bar across the bottom of the screen, they had windows that would pop up and give information relevant to the discussion at that time, and stay visible long enough for you to read them.

During the hearing, multiple senators asked Gonzales about the program and who has oversight, who authorizes the program, and under what authority. There were some pretty impressive questions from both parties. Gonzales' answers were pretty disappointing. He didn't say anything we didn't already know about the program. Not a single thing. The senators could've asked me those questions and I'd had the same answers. I think the administration screwed up big here. If Gonzales would've answered questions more openly the whole wiretapping story could have gone away and people not payed attention to it anymore. Instead, Chairman Spector is going to call more hearings, at least one with Gonzales, and possibly former Attorney General John Ashcroft and his former deputy, some guy named Como.

I think this whole wiretapping issue is just coming into its own. This blatant disregard for the law will hopefully end with enough public outcry for an impeachment trial. As if we needed another reason (WMD, Schivo law, among others).

In lighter news, Muslims in the middle east are now rioting, burning down European embassies, and other, unfortunately normal, violent outbursts. Why aren't these people being arrested and put in jail. What kind of lawless, extremist, rat house societies are these people living in?

In equally appalling news, Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville sang the National Anthem at the superbowl last night. Honestly, that was the biggest disgrace to the National Anthem since Roseanne Arnold disgraced it about a decade a go. Can't we get some talent? It's the friggin superbowl for crying out loud!!! And what was with those kids commercials right before kickoff. You know, the one with Harrison Ford and Brett Star. What am I, a friggin kindergardner?? Why has this country become such a heaping pile of pussies? Ooooooo, bad mental image.

But seriously, let's bring in the half naked ladies and get the superbowl back to what it should be: lots of drunken partying, overeating, and debauchery (sp??). This is America damnit!!!


  • Gonzales' answers: Done to cover his butt.
    Impeachment: Not gonna happen (at least until Bush get's a BJ in the Oval Office).
    Muslim riots: Picture something you care deeply about. And then someone makes fun of it. Most people will be offended, but (gasp) get over it and go on with their lives. Then there are a few idiots. Matt, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
    National Anthem: Finally, someone agrees with me. I am very traditional with this poem turned into a song. But please, just do it the same way it's always been done. Why? Because it is amazing. Changing it is like saying "well, I think my car is pretty good. Maybe smashing the windshield with a baseball bat would make it get better gas mileage."
    And another thing. What happend in New Orleans (with the hurricane and whatnot) sucks. Not gonna deny it. But why can't we all stop sucking the metaphorical New Orleans wang for a while.
    Commercials: After the Magic Beer Fridge, everything else just when downhill. Tough act to follow in my opinion. Family Guy was on Fox...we flipped back and forth after that. SHAZAAAAAAM!

    Oh, Matt...if you want to bitch about the budget, call me up. We'll have a fun convo. I've got my accounting rant to go on too.

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