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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Spidey Sense

It's that time of year again when spiders seem to come out of everywhere and roam around the house. I saw one this morning still as stone on the wall of my living room. I don't remember why but I decided that I would see what it would do by blowing on it. It hadn't moved since I walked in the room and gotten fairly close to it. Within a split second of my breath the spider sprung into action. It quickly propped itself up and moved briskly down the wall. 

This made me think about how the decision making process. Perhaps this spider thought the breeze was created by potential prey or maybe a change in conditions that out it in danger of being blown off the wall. Maybe it was just reacting to every little change in the wind for the sake of a reaction. Without wasting a second this spider had made a decision and was acting on it. How often to do you do that?  I've read several articles in the past few weeks about decision paralysis. That people sometimes get so caught up in how to decide that they end up missing the opportunity. 

At the same time our decisions, particularly ones with significant consequences, require some level of thought. How do you reach that balance of thoughtful consideration and decisive action? Every decision is different and requires individual levels of thought. Some say that a clear set of principles helps make decisions easier. Some say that the decision made in that moment a choice is presented always leads to the right choice. There doesn't seem to be one clear answer. 

Maybe we should just emulate whatever decisions Peter Parker has made. Food for thought anyway. At least this meal doesn't need to be served up in a web. 


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