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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Heisman my AS#! and book review

HOW ABOUT THAT HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER!!!! Eat it Troy Smith and all of you damned Ohio State Buckeyes! Ever since I watched OSU trounce Northwestern in Evanston a few weeks ago I've been waiting for the moment the Buckeyes get their due. Granted OSU's football team was impressive throughout the season and got a big win against Michigan, it was due time to see them unseated as #1. This almost seems devilish but watching the faces of each of Ohio State's players last night during the fourth quarter of the game and then after the game agonizing over not only the defeat but how big the defeat was gave me great pleasure.

I don't really understand intensity of my pleasure in seeing their defeat seeing as though I'm not at all a Florida Gators fan (I mean, come on, they gave us Rex Grossman), but it just seems like OSU is constantly on top of the Big Ten and teams I actually like (Michigan, Minnesota, and maybe MSU) can never get past them. Having said that, now that the season's over, it's time to make predictions for next year. Wait, I hear something.....a low pitch a heard stampeding this's the USF BULLS. You heard it here first folks, the University of South Florida Bulls will be the 2007-2008 Division 1 football champs!!! I feel so confident I'm going to go ahead and call the Division 2 champs the Grand Valley State Lakers (which isn't really a stretch as they've won I think the last 4 out of 5 D 2 titles).

Now on to other things.

I've just finished a book I think everyone and all their relatives should go out and read right now: "The Audacity of Hope" by Senator Barak Obama. In this book, Sen. Obama manages to combine policy discussion with real people and issues in a way that simply can't be done in a speech or town hall meeting. While I was reading this book, it honestly felt like I was sitting down and having a face-to-face conversation with Sen. Obama and he actually talked in depth about issues that don't get much attention.

What I enjoyed, and learned from, the most in this book were the chapters on faith, race, and family. These are sides of people, much less politicians, that you don't often get to see or hear about and the insightful comments he makes on each subject really struck accord with me. I would specifically recommend this book to those of you who have given up on politics and government (but if you've given up on politics why are you reading this blog?). Yes a lot gets lost in government, particularly concerning the disconnect between people and their leaders, but it's worth every effort to try and re-establish that connection. I really think Sen. Obama is one of the people trying to make Illinois and the nation as a whole a better place.


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