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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Has anyone else tried that Yahoo! internet radio service? I just started to customize a station to play only songs that I like. To set it up you go through and pick out artists and genres of music that you enjoy and then the computer picks out songs that it thinks you will like based on your previous selections. I happen to enjoy rock, classic rock and alternative rock (really i like any rock, Ha!), but then when the computer starts selecting songs for me I get songs from Kool & the Gang and Asia, and the best was "Pour some sugar on me" by Def Leppard. WHAT!?! The experience was more funny than it was furriating. Especially because of that commercial where the guy thinks the words go " Pour some sugar ramen!!!, in the name of love.....pour some sugar ramen!!!" i guess refering to ramen noodles and sugar? That was so funny.

Now on to more important things, like what a horrible pet owner I feel like. This morning I had to take my kitties in to get declawed, and needless to say they were a little nervous to even leave the house. As soon as I got Mia out of the apartment door she let out the loudest cry I've heard out of her since we took her home from the animal shelter. Max took it all in stride, although I really don't think he understood what was going on and isn't nearly worried about things as Mia is. The vet I took them to seemed like any other doctor's office I've ever been in so I took that as a good sign. I even met the doctor who was going to do the surgery and he was a very nice older southern guy, which made me feel a little better as well. The hardest part was taking away the food and water dishes at 10pm last night per the vet's request. I thought it was cruel until i remembered my previous surgery experience when the doctors requested the same of me. I was hungry, but I survived and so will they. Max especially could lose a half a pound or so, he's hefty for a 10 month old kitty anyway (like 10lbs already).

The other major happening is the visit to the house that we want tonight to inspect for any structural damage that had not been repaired, or is otherwise obvious. Apparently the house had some settlement issues, which is Florida talk for a sinkhole, and had 11 pillars drilled into the ground down to about 30 ft where they hit hard limestone. We think as long as the house looks solid and it passes an inspection we're going to buy it. I hope so anyway, I want this house search to be overwith and the house move-in prep to begin. Thankfully the house is move-in ready right now so there shouldn't be much work to do, but we'll see once we get a closer look. I'm bringing the camera tonight so hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow. The house itself is nice, a 2bed with 1.5 bath and a 1 car garage. The house used to have a screened in porch, but the previous owners made that into a walled (with nice windows) carpeted room which we like a lot and we think the cats will like as well. All in all the house is about 920 sq ft or close to it, but the yard is quite large. As I remember it the back yard is about 100 ft along the length of the house and like 80 ft back with a nice oak tree in the back and a shed in the back right corner. Unfortunetly the house is located about 45 min from USF, where we work, but it's the only area we could afford so we'll get used to it.

*A note to those who read this blog. If you have a blog of your own, which I know most of you do, leave the www address so I can visit it. I don't use AIM anymore because of all the pop-ups I was getting, so I don't talk to some of you as much as I'd like.


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