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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A whole lot of nothing

Well, that does it. I'm officially frustrated. Well not anymore, but I have been really frustrated the last couple of days with all of the real estate descisions that have had to be made and the stress of worrying about my kitties and their recovery. The latter of the two is really the least of my worries, I just can't stand it when they look up and me and let out a pittiful little whine as if they are saying "Matt, why don't you take the bandages off my paws you inhumane bastard". At least I can take them back into the vet tomorrow to get the bandages taken off.
The real estate question continues to be a tough one. Buying a house sucks. The whole process is filled with people who'd just as soon make another buck off of you than say hello. No one we've delt with so far has really leveled with us about what things are actually worth or can give us any estamites without us commiting to a certain property. I thought the estamites would be required to give us a better understanding of the property and motivate us to buy it or pass it up. I guess that's just not the case. There are some things to be optimistic about: the agent that we have thought we only wanted to look in a specific area around Holiday, FL, which dosen't really matter to us, so our search area is going to be widened; we didn't make the mistake of buying a broken house. The house we did make an offer on, I think I described it in one of my previous postings, we retracted because we lost a lot of sleep that night about whether it was worth it or not and that's just not the right kind of thought you want running through your head about the first house you buy so kudos to Melissa and I on that one. Also a big thank you to those of you who threw your two cents in on the matter, honestly it helped a lot. Those of you whos cup is overflowing with real estated knowledge and care to shower us in it feel free at any time.
Other than those few things there isn't really anything going on down here. We're looking forward to coming home to Chicago in a couple of weeks for Melissa's friend Carly's wedding. Carly's always been a good friend and one that I particularly appreciate because she helped talk Melissa into going back out with me after I made a fool of myself all those years ago. Not that I haven't acted like an idiot on occasion since, but not nearly as bad. The monday after the wedding, which I can't remember the date, we're going to six flags great america with my mom's family, something the clan used to do every summer for a few years when I was in high school. That should be really fun, and if anyone else wants to come they're welcome, if you can get off of work....HA HA!!
One last thing I've got onmy mind. I saw a show last night that I'm sure will become some kind of new trend, it was about unruly kids who got sent to some kind of wilderness boot camp to correct their behavioral problems. I forget what the show is called but it's on ABC. Anyway, I couldn't help but think that there was something in common with every one of these kids and sure enough I was right. All of those kids are in their teens, and a lot of their acting up is part of growing up and there's really not a lot anyone can do about it. I'm confident I displayed at least half of the traits that are being displayed when I was younger: anger, aggression, being a loner, being overly cocky. Let's not kid ourselves, I'm still not perfect by any means. Now having considered all this during different segments of the show there were interviews with all of the parents of these kids and I noticed another similarity between all of them. Apperently, they all feel that it's all the kids' fault and that they can't tollerate this obscene behavior anymore in their household. Wait a minute. When are the parents going to accept even the slightest bit of responsibility for their children? The kids are out at this camp and one of the main focuses of the entire camp is to get the kids to admit that they are irresponsible (which they are), but what are they going to come home to? The same parenting style that lead them to the obscene behavior in the first place. I think that this is getting at an issue all to common in this country: bad parenting. You wouldn't have to worry about kids in street gangs, school shootings, or care so much about video game violence if you just had parents who cared enough to spend time with their children and teach them right from wrong. It's as simple as that.


  • I used to be one of those kids...well, with the exception of the coke...I normally stuck to the cheaper vices.

    P.S. I'll give you a call eventually, I know very little about buying a house, but I was listening to an ad on the radio today and it said real estate investing is a good way to make money...being able to pass that "well, no shit" idea along must make me an expert, right? No? Oh well, just whatever you do, if the house comes with a bowling alley in the basement, BUY IT! no questions, just get it. Then people will come up to you and say "wow, I'd really like to go bowling" and you can reply "why sure, my good friend, just come downstairs to my AWESOME BOWLING ALLEY!"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:44 PM  

  • Doesn't it suck growing up, all these decisons to make houses, babies, :) Hope all is good with both of you. GO TO MY BLOG!

    By Blogger Tracy Blanchard, at 8:29 PM  

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