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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Busy week

Man, so far this week has been very very busy. Monday I was in the field collecting GPR data for a talk being given by my thesis advisor. I should say that the field sites were two Gulf of Mexico beaches, and although that sounds fun it wasn't. It was so un-Godly hot and humid it alsmost made working outside unbearable. In spite of the heat a colleague, myself and our advisor draged around the equipment, collected the data and decided to call it a day after lunch. I spent the rest of Monday working on a powerpoint presentation for my advisor to give, in my abscence, at a meeting with a rep from NSF (the org funding my research).

Tuesday I had my first day of substitute teacher training. You'd think a substitute teacher wouldn't need much training at all, and you're right, but apparently my county thinks they do. I spent the day listening to the same old corporate BS shpeel about diversity, discrimination, and the code of ethics. Don't get me wrong, all of those things are important, but I don't think anyone should have to spend an entire day getting lectured about them.

Today I did a job shadowing day at the high school just up the street from my apartment. This was fun and I actually learned a few things. The odd thing is that I sat in on 3 foriegn language classes and one art class. I didn't sign up to sub for those subjects, I signed up to math, science, and those sorts of subjects. It would have been more helpfull for me to sit in on classes that involve a lab, or at least are in the subjects I want to teach. Oh well, I'd feel comfortable in those subjects anyway. I felt useless today in the foriegn language classes, I don't know latin or french, and I haven't had a spanish class since my sophmore year in high school. All I did was sit in the class and stare at the teacher and how he/she interacted with students. That wasn't very usefull, I already do that. What I didn't learn enough about was the school procedures: hall passes, what to do with tardy students, how to discipline unruly students, etc. I know these things differ from school to school, but at least an idea would be nice.

Tomorrow I'm back at training. It promises to be an equally boring day as the first on Tuesday, but I hope it isn't.

I have one last comment on something that just delighted me. This week Christian Coalition founder Pat Roberts said, on an episode of the "700 club", that the US should assassinate the President of Venezuela because he is another evil dictaor that suspects the US is trying to kill him anyway. I just love it when people who claim to be Christians outright disregard the teaching of the church when it suits them, especially when those people are leaders of the conservative evangelical political groups. HYPOCRITES!! He wouldn't be such a hypocrite if he didn't put himself on such a high pedistal of piety. Pat Roberts, you are a douche and I'm glad people are again realizing it.


  • Hola classe,
    Me llamo Matt, y ahora voy a hablar con ustedes sobre alcohol. Es un topico muy importante. Te quiero beber mucho. Es bien. Si, es la verdad. Necesitan todo el alcohol en el mundo. Fui a un universidad sin alcohol y no es un buen tiempo. Pero, a mis fiestas, me gusta beber Jamesons. Repitan, por favor: Jamesons. Es bueno, mucho mucho bueno. Con Jamesons, ustedes y los banos son amigos. Gran amigos. Y dicen "no" a marijuana, clase. Eso es mi cuento y yo atasco a.

    apoye a usted, Matt.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:13 PM  

  • Ah, y siempre vota a republicano.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 PM  

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