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Friday, April 28, 2006

Breaking News: Rush Limbaugh gets off

You read it, today Rush Limbaugh was booked on charges of 'doctor shopping' and posted bail. But wait, that sentence didn't include anything about actually being arrested. That's right, he wasn't arrested. His legal activities today were part of an engineered deal between Limbaugh and Palm Co. FL prosecutors that allows Limbaugh to avoid jail time in exchange for Rush's continued attendance at a drug treatment center. Well I'm sure this isn't the first time someone's got off for a, presumably first time, drug offense but I still would've like to see good ol' Rushy dragged out in front of the camera in handcuffs and sitting behind the defendants table in court. Oh well.

Here's an interesting tid-bit, I went on to Rush's website ( and tried to listen to his radio program the other day. Turns out you have to pay to listen to his show online, to the tune of $6.95/mo or $49.95/yr. There's also a plan where you get a Rush newsletter as well as access to the Rush archives for only $59.90/yr. Do people really pay for this crap? I mean I hear some excerpts from his show every once in a while and all he does is spew BS for a few hours a day.

Speaking of a big load of crap, I've been listening to Air America radio the past couple of days. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's basically liberal radio. I listen because Al Franken, SNL cast member from when the show was funny, has a program on that network from around noon to 3 or so. I actually like him, he's quite funny and he approaches political problems in a simple, logic way. I mention this network because after Franken's show this woman comes on and she is quite possibly the most idiotic person I've ever heard in my entire life. All she could talk about is how Bush is proposing to give tax rebates of $100 dollars to every American. Now I commented on this yesterday and I'll say it again: BAD IDEA.

This woman reached the same conclusion, but did so in 1 minute and then just kept repeating herself and saying how she can't believe that Bush is so stupid for like an hour and a half. Lady, get over yourself!!!!!! So much for being a loyal liberal radio fan. I just can't take it. I need insiteful discussion and debate, not this overwhelmingly one sided BS.

I often wonder why politics has been reduced to a mere side-show pulled out for entertainment purposes. People just don't care about politics anymore because politicians don't actually do anything anymore and this country is spiraling downward faster than ever because of it.


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