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Friday, September 15, 2006

Sad Panda

Have you noticed lately that all of the tv shows that have been popular in the last couple of years are narratted. I'm watching the new series "Men in Trees" which is decent, but it's just like several other good shows in that it's narrated by one of the main characters like Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. The narration really does add value to the show by explicitly stating the moral of each episode you watch rather than leaving it up to the viewer, who probably wouldn't get it otherwise. Anyway, on to other things...

I've been meaning to talk about the president's most recent address to the nation this past week. Since then I've pretty much forgotten most of it. What I do remember, and have actually seen quite a bit of lately, is the heightened rhetoric of republicans over the last week. Every time I turn on the news this week I hear someone in the administration talk about how the terrorists want to kill every one of us and that they will stop at nothing to do so. I even saw a small piece of the president's interview with Matt Lauer in which he said something to the effect of "Matt, think about your family. Think about them getting killed by terrorists"

It must be an election year, and those elections must be close. From what I remember about the 2004 elections the republicans talked ad nosium about terrorism and that the only way to win the war on terror was to keep the current administration. They compared any other adjenda to not supporting the troops in a time of war. It seems to me that the terrorism rhetoric keeps escalating while at the same time the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at home get increasingly worse. It's a negative feedback mechanism. The worse the war on terror goes the more you need president Bush to keep you safe, but the longer we have president Bush the war on terror continues to worsen. Why hasn't the democratic party caught on to this? Why am I not seeing any advertisements on TV or in the newspaper stating this or any other progressive message?

Of course it's possible that this area is considered so firmly democratic that it's not worth buying the ad space here, but you'd think some of the local canidates might get at least one ad out there just so more people recognize them. I get emails from several local congressional campaigns all the time asking for money. What are they using all this money for? It just dosen't seem like the democrats are capitolizing on any of the painfully obvious blunder committed by the republicans during the last few years (just yesterday Bush went to Capital Hill and lobbied for a bill that promotes the torcher of detainees at GITMO). My party has no balls, and that makes me a saaaaaaaad panda.


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