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Friday, October 29, 2004

Will we see the end to the Trilogy? Or does the saga end on Nov 2nd? {key dramatic orchestra} Find out when the recount ends........Episode III.........coming this December

Thursday, October 28, 2004

What's this?!

After so long the Red Sox finally won a World Series title. You might ask youself "Matt, you're a twins fan, what gives?" Hey....of course I'm a Twins fan, and really a Minnesota sports fan in general (Go Viks!) but this was such a special occasion that I felt it was time to be a Boston fan for a few games, and I never liked the Yankees. Kudos guys, Kudos.

Now on to other things.....
Thank God people finally stoped talking about that Ashlee Simpson debacle on SNL. I mean come on, get over it. People lip-sink on SNL like every week. They should consider canning the tape guy cause he never usually gets it wrong. We all know she's just eye candy for todays teens, just like Jessica was and still is eye candy for people my age...ahhhhhh Jessica.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

7 days left until the Presidentail election and former President Bill Clinton, fresh from heart surgery, joins John Kerry on the campaign trail. remind me of better days when we not only had better economic times, but the President was held to higher standards. Back then a President was impeached for so much as a little 'extra curicular activity' in the oval office. Today a President can do just about anything. For example, a President can invade countries that are, later admittedly, prooven unable to harm us in any way and get at least a thousand Americans killed in the process all in the name of keeping America safe when, in fact, it has made us unsafe. Today a President can run for re-election based soley on a foriegn policy that has alignated both Europe and the Middle East into thinking we are not about spreading freedom, and instead expanding our influence over oil producing areas simply for economic gain. This economic gain can be seen in the falling price of oil........oh wait.......terrorists keep blowing up oil pipelines so now the price of oil is sky high.....opps. Bring back thoughts of a better place Bill, where tuition dosen't go up 10% or more a year, where the economy actually grows jobs, where we actually have friends in the world. Ahhh sweet memories......

About damn time huh?

I know what you are all thinking...yeah Matt, all we need is another website with someone's opinion on something or some rant on whatever random event pisses you off. Yeah I have a response for you, SCREW YOU HIPPIES!!! Anyway, I hope to use this site to voice some opinions on what is going on around the World, US, or here in Florida. I don't have an agenda, actually I do, but I'll comment on anything. Hopefully some things will provoke some kind of thought and this site can be used as a basis for a dialoge, or you can just listen to me bitch, whatever works for you. More to come...