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Friday, August 11, 2006

Dejavoo trip

Wow. It seems like I've been away from Chicago for so long, but then I come back and everything's the same except for one thing: everyone has their own frickin page but me. I don't get it. I guess every time I see or hear of that website I think of those Dateline NBC stories on internet pedafiles who seduce kids online based off of their MySpace profiles. So yeah, I won't be signing up anytime soon.

It's been really weird being back. It's like one giant dejavoo trip. What makes things worse is that all of my friends now have 'real jobs' and I'm still in school. Not like I'm still trying to get my BS after six years but you know what I mean. It's scary to think about what we all said we wanted to do back in high school and what we're actually doing now, myself included. I can only think of one guy that said exactly what he was going to do and then did it.

School is going alright. Really all I'm doing right now is getting started with some research. I didn't realize how meticulous you have to be when you're doing the type of chemical analyses I'm doing. Of course the process becomes more complex when you add in the fact I have no idea what I'm doing in a clean lab. The funniest thing was today when my advisor had to take me and his other student around the lab and show us all the safety features like the eye washing station, fire extinguishers, exits, etc. Yes, I said exits. It was a part of this mandatory safety training that Northwestern requires of every lab with chemicals in it to go through so it's not that bad. Knowing what to do when a giant bottle of acid breaks all over the place is a good thing.

I'll refrain from getting into politics or anything else tonight. That's about it for now. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime.


  • MySpace sucks! Blogs are way cooler, and slightly less creepy. Especially, LJ because you can lock your entries so only certain people on your friends list can read them.

    Try not to blow too many things up in the lab! Or use any of those safety features. Except the 'exit'. I imagine you'll be allowed to leave the lab at some point? =P

    By Anonymous Julz, at 2:55 PM  

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