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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jon Benn....who the hell cares

Seriously. A 10 year old high flying circus acrobat murder investigation has completely gripped the media coverage. I turned between all the major networks and CNN this morning and that was the lead story on every frickin channel. The second, or sometimes third, story on those same channels was the follow-up to the wars in Lebanon and Iraq. I thought we were at war!!

Excuse me but why on earth would this nation think a 6 year old girl who's been dead for 10 years be more important than thousands of people trying to start their lives over again in conditions that hardly seem adequate for animals, much less human beings? I understand that the girls death was tragic, and that's sad, but it pales in comparison to what is happening right now on the other side of the world. What this nation needs now is focus, not random and otherwise useless information that hypnotizes us as if we were a retard staring at a disco ball. Give me a break!!!!!!

Other than my obvious frustration at what I saw this morning things are going well. I'm about to run ~80 samples on a machine that, once set up properly, allows me do sit and do nothing for about 6 hours. What fun. I'll probably end up bringing my computer but we'll see. The coolest thing is now I'm starting to work with some pretty strong acids and taking my revenge on rocks that have wronged me over the years. Damn you carbonates!!!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!! It's a real stress reliever let me tell ya. That's all for now.


  • Has anyone told you that you're a great writer? I enjoy reading your comments.

    By Blogger Yvonne722, at 11:15 PM  

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